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Fascinating ... a mood-setting nautical lamp safe & convenient to use

Rotating flame, resembling that of a light house, has a relaxing effect. Sit back with a hot drink or wine and enjoy the soothing motion of the flame as it rotates naturally, at the rate of a human heart beat.

Clean & No Mess

Unlike a candle, there is no wax mess and no messy refilling because the GALLUS® Lamp uses disposable oil cartridges. Simply dispose of used cartridges which remove easily from the base.


Automatic flame extinguishing feature, when someone pushes against the glass. Glass chimney cover protects the flame from wind and light rain.

Surface Stability

Silicone feet hold on to just about any surface, even when wet. Even in the most rough and choppy of waters, the GALLUS® Lamp will hold steadfast on all standard surfaces.

Custom Engraving

Order today and get your GALLUS® Lamp base engraved with your own personal message (and/or small logo). Engraving normally costs $50 per order, but order now and get 50% off your custom engraving. Engrave the name of your boat, favorite captain, explorer or adventurer.
A fascinating, patented nautical gift for the captain who has everything!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Flame Rotate? Three air inlets opposing each other are created into the sides of a metal ring.

Does It Require Batteries? No, batteries are NOT required. Rotation of the flame is natural by design.

Is There a Guarantee? We are pleased to offer a lifetime guarantee for defects in material or workmanship for all non-glass components of our product.

What Are the Dimensions of the Lamp? Dimensions are 3.5" (9 cm) base diameter, 9.25" (23.5cm) tall (5.5 cm base, 18cm chimney)

GALLUS® Lamp Products

Light Wood
Single GALLUS® Lamp for your personal use (package contents) – life time guarantee*
$83 (+ shipping & handling)
Dark Stained Wood
Single GALLUS® Lamp for your personal use (package contents) – life time guarantee*
$104 (+ shipping & handling)
Solid Mahogany
Single GALLUS® Lamp for your personal use (package contents) – life time guarantee*
$120 (+ shipping & handling)
* life time guarantee for defects in material or workmanship (testimonials)

GALLUS® Lamp GIFT Certificate – Order Now and receive your certificate by email today!

Our gift certificates are redeemable worldwide, have no fees, and never expire. Our GALLUS Lamp gift certificates make an ideal gift, redeemable by the recipient anytime without limitation. Certificates are sent via email within hours.

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Each Package Includes

  • natural wooden base
  • metal (brass or aluminum) housing
  • stainless steel lining
  • boron silicate (heat resistant) glass chimney
  • 2 specially tested, high quality oil cartridges
  • detailed instructions in six languages
  • pleasing package design
  • life time guarantee for defects in material or workmanship
  • The History of the GALLUS® Lamp

    In the small medieval town of Arbon on Lake Constance, where, almost 2000 years ago, a Roman emperor led a naval battle against the Alemannic tribes, a ship's captain meets a brilliant Swiss engineer with a literally revolutionary prototype. The result of this meeting is the GALLUS® Lamp, a modern oil lamp enhanced with rotating flame technology that creates a unique and patented light house effect. For the first time in thousands of years of candle use, control of the movement of a flame is possible. read more

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