The History of the GALLUS® Lamp

In the small medieval town of Arbon on Lake Constance, where, almost 2000 years ago, a Roman emperor led a naval battle against the Alemannic tribes, a ship's captain meets a brilliant Swiss engineer with a literally revolutionary prototype. The result of this meeting is the GALLUS® Lamp, a modern oil lamp enhanced with rotating flame technology that creates a unique and patented light house effect. For the first time in thousands of years of candle use, control of the movement of a flame is possible.

About the Name

The GALLUS® Lamp was named in honor of the seventh century Saint Gallus, an Irish missionary who arrived at the Celtic village of Arbon, Switzerland in 612 AD after sailing across one of Europe's great fresh water lakes. He then moved into the Arbon forest, attracting a following that grew into the city of St. Gallen.

The adventurous St. Gallus is known for his distant European travels, traversing the English Channel as well as Europe's great lakes, and his particular love for fishing. As such, he's a worthy namesake for a nautical lamp. In addition, Arbon, where the GALLUS® Lamp was invented, is a well-known tourist destination for those who love sailing and motor boating. This idyllic town has been inhabited for more than 8000 years by those who've sought fresh lake air and the wide horizons offered there.

The GALLUS® Lamp provides a new way to set the mood on your boat or yacht. The product offers many unique features ideally suited for safe and trouble free maritime use, rotating a flame in a manner that resembles the beacon of a light house. The beautiful wood, metal and glass GALLUS® Lamp rotates at the rate of a human rest heartbeat, thus creating a unique and relaxing ambiance.

Contact Information

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